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Call Us Today! 0191 211 0233

Call Us On 0191 221 0233

Call Us On 0191 221 0233

Call Us On 0191 221 0233

Call Us On 0191 221 0233

Call Us On
0191 221 0233

Call Us Today! 0191 221 0233

Call Us Today! 0191 221 0233

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Fundraising Opportunities

As a small charity, Eating Distress North East relies heavily on fundraising from the community to allow us to continue to support those suffering from eating distress and their families.

Any fundraising you do allows us to provide our essential services and also to expand and reach more people across our region.

If you decide to plan your own event, we will support you every step of the way, helping you raise as much funds as possible! So, whether you decide to take on a physical challenge, hold a coffee morning or put on a talent show, get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Drop us an email at and we will get in touch to chat about your plans, send you sponsor forms and get you started on your fundraising journey!

Donate online

EDNE Eating Distress Service | Localgiving

Shop for us 

Give as you Live Online generates charitable giving from your everyday shopping. Our retail partners value your loyalty. We enable their "thank you" to be your donation to your chosen charity.

Give as you Live Online is the free and easy way to raise free funds for EDNE Eating Distress Service, simply by shopping online.

Donate by phone

Call 0191 221 0233 if you would like to make a one-off donation or set up a monthly payment over the phone.

Donate by post

Please don't send cash in the post. Cheques can be posted to:

The Old Post Office 
5 Pink Lane, 
Newcastle Upon Tyne 

Gift Aid

Whichever way you make your donation to Eating Distress North East, if you are a U.K. income tax payer and you sign the Gift Aid declaration we can increase the value of your donation by claiming a rebate from HMRC of 25 pence for every pound you have so generously donated. Please click here to print off a Gift Aid form. Charity Gift Aid Declaration – single donation (

Birthdays and Other Occasions

Have you enough toasters, towels and vases? Whatever the occasion, why not make it more memorable by asking friends and family to make a donation to Eating Distress North East instead of giving you a gift.

Donation cards

Include donation cards with your party invitations suggesting guests make a donation instead of buying a present. We can supply you with personalised donation cards with our address so your guests can forward donations directly to us.

In Memory

A donation made in memory of a loved one is a very special way of remembering them and allows friends and family to celebrate and honour their life.

Lieu of flowers

If you wish friends and family to make donations in lieu of flowers a simple way to do this is to include a request in any obituary notices you place in newspapers.

Remember us in your will

You may have heard how important it is to have a last Will and Testament - and maybe you already have one. In your will, you can express the values and beliefs that are important to you by leaving a gift to Eating Distress North East.

For further information on any of these ways of giving please email

Other fundraising ideas

Want to raise money to support Eating Distress North East but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re a first timer or a regular fundraiser, everybody needs a little inspiration sometimes.

So take a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas. It’s packed with fundraising ideas, many of which have been completed by our fundraisers in the past.

  • Auction / Auction of promises - Do you have a well-stocked record collection you're willing to let go of for a good cause? Or the contacts to get your hands on some sought after sports memorabilia? Then an auction could be the charity fundraising activity for you. You could even make your auction a more casual affair by auctioning off your skill-set. Could an evening of waiting on your friends help you raise funds? 
  • Bingo - If the phrase "2 little ducks" brings a smile to your face then bingo could be the activity for you! Our advice: keep it fun and adapt the game for your audience. 
  • Lottery Bonus Ball draw. It’s simple, easy to set up, run and gives people a chance to win some cash while raising funds for Eating Distress North East. It’s a win-win! The basics are that people select a number between 1 and 59, and if that is drawn as the UK National Lottery Bonus Ball, the person who has chosen that number wins the prize pot (excluding a charity donation). Simple!
  • Cinema screening - Have a DVD collection that could rival Netflix? Then a cinema screening could be the perfect, flexible fundraising idea for you. Whether it's hosted in the school hall, work canteen, your living room, the local cinema or projected outside, only one thing will stand between you and success – popcorn. So, buy your own kernels and get inventive. It's a great way to raise extra cash for charity on the night. Peanut butter popcorn anyone?
  • Games Night - You don't have to be a Monopoly board master or play Scrabble like a pro to a host a games night. You just need games, a place to play and people to play with. It can be as simple as charades or if you have a screen and console to hand, why not go down the gaming route, charging friends to play? Tight on time? Put on a lunchtime session at your office and get colleagues to play for the price of a coffee.
  • Matched Giving - Whether you’re raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer about matched giving. Lots of our fundraisers have doubled the amount raised by their employer so don't be afraid to ask.
  • Quiz night - The pub, village hall, local sports centre and your best mate’s garden are all venues suitable for hosting a quiz. Decide what’s the best option (and available) to you and get working on those questions. Will the theme change by rounds or will your quiz be more niche, with all questions specific to a particular band, film or book? You host the night and guests pay to play. Simple... but the questions might not be.
  • Raffle - A raffle is great to have at a charity fundraising event. Just charge a fee for tickets and the winner gets a prize. This could also work as a standalone fundraising activity. Just be aware of offering that unwanted Secret Santa gift you got last year as a prize: your friends may recognise it!

Adopting us as your Company's Charity of the Year

Many companies are now choosing to adopt a charity of the year. This can help focus your staff or charity committee's fundraising efforts while making a substantial difference to the charity of your choice. 

Payroll giving

Give as you earn enables your employees to make a donation to our appeal directly from their salary. Whether you have an existing scheme or would like to implement one - we can help.

Gifts in Kind

As well as making donations some companies help by donating gifts in kind. Whether it be advertising space, equipment or auction and raffle prizes we would like to hear from you.

Match funding

Is one of your employees taking part in an event this year to raise funds for Eating Distress North East? Find out how match funding can maximise the impact of their efforts.

What you say

What you say

Maudsley Course Testimonials

your unerring positivity, your calmness.. your skill, your knowledge and true EMPATHY(!) lifted the darkness and I am sure made everyone feel SO much better. I feel more positive today than I have for ages.

Maudsley Course Testimonials

I would thoroughly recommend this course to other carers wherever they are on their journey of supporting a loved one with and ED. Thank you EDNE.

Maudsley Course Testimonials

The course exceeded my expectations ! ..Excellent practical examples.. Feels empowering to have these tools…


I’ve really appreciated the help I’ve been given at EDNE, I didn’t feel like I was just there as a client who just needed to get to the end of their sessions. I actually felt heard and understood.


I was given permission to feel. Instead of being a person with an eating disorder, I was a person who could feel feelings’


‘It was not just putting a plaster over something, it was about healing it. I can’t describe how it feels to have switched my mindset, after 50 years it is mind-blowing’


..entire process has been incredibly supportive and empathetic, giving me the support I needed to move forwards.


‘I couldn’t have managed without coming here. I genuinely think this place has kept me alive. I have a sense of hope now.’


EDNE was friendly welcoming and flexible


EDNE started me thinking about what resilience is and how I could manage day to day and have strategies’


‘..has given me life-changing help. They’ve helped me overcome the barriers. It’s been about unravelling decades.


The counselling has been a big turning point and the support from EDNE has been amazing.


Eating distress such a secretive thing. This has been the first time I didn’t feel alone with it.


It has literally changed the quality of my life.


The EDNE counsellor’s the only person who has helped me.. the big high walls have come down


Once I got through the door it was easy. They didn’t judge. EDNE helped me to get to be this new person. The old one never looked up and never spoke.


I used to block out feeling with food, it’s not like that now’


The counselling sessions were absolutely amazing and life-changing.


You think you’re the only person in the world. Now I’ve found out I’m not the only one.


I have had time to think. ..started being able to calm myself down and going to bed earlier to relax. I’m managing money and time better and I’m looking after myself. I’ve never done that before.’

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As a small charity, we rely on the amazing generosity of the public to allow us to continue our work. Every donation is noticed and appreciated, and allows us to really make a difference in someone’s life – by helping to provide specialised one to one counselling sessions to people who would otherwise not be able to access them, run our support groups, and provide training so people can spot the signs of eating distress and help others seek the support they need as early as possible. We use Local Giving as our donation platform, and any contribution enables us to continue providing our supportive services for people struggling with anxiety around food

Eating Distress North East Logo

The Old Post Office
5 Pink Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tel: 0191 221 0233

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