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Call Us On 0191 221 0233

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Call Us Today! 0191 221 0233

Call Us Today! 0191 221 0233

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To see if our therapy service is suitable and of help, you will need to attend an assessment appointment. Before completing the registration for this assessment, please be aware that the criteria apply:- (this list is not exhaustive).

We are unable to offer initial assessments to clients who:

• Are under the age of sixteen years old.
• Are at a severely low weight (so, have a BMI of below 17.5 - in this case you need to visit your GP for a referral to NHS Eating Disorders Service.)
•Are experiencing severe eating distress.
•Are purging (self-induced vomiting/laxative abuse) on a daily basis - in this case you need to visit your GP for a referral to NHS Eating Disorders Service.
•Are excessively abusing alcohol/substances.
•Have diagnosis of severe autistic spectrum disorder or another severe learning disability.
•Have been receiving long term psychiatric input for severe and enduring: Personality Disorder (including suspected and traits), Psychosis, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar.
•Are actively posing a severe risk to themselves and/or others.
•If you are receiving counselling or psychological therapy with other services, we will not usually be able to start your counselling sessions at EDNE until this work has ended.

Our counselling may not be suitable for you if you meet any of the criteria above and:

•Following an assessment (via any medium), you are deemed to need longer term counselling or specialist psychological support.
•Following an online assessment, we may find that our online work is unsuitable for you: for example, you are unable to use and/or are uncomfortable with a video platform. You may still be able to access face-to-face work.

Please fill in to register

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GP/Doctors Name and Address*
*We ask for your email address so that we can send you access to our online booking system. We never share your contact details with other organisations. If you are unable to provide an email address, please specify here and we will make alternative arrangements to contact you:

How did you hear about Eating Distress North East?*

Referred By*

Which EDNE services are you interested in?*

What kind of eating distress are you experiencing? (Or if you are caring, what kind of distress is your loved one experiencing?)*

Communication preferences and privacy

The information which you supply may be used to:

  • Assess which of our services are suitable for you
  • Contact you about appointments
  • Report to funders and bid for new funding to continue our services. Information is anonymised for the whole service so no individual is named or identified
  • Send you information about our services and events

We use your contact details to communicate with you about appointments and waiting times, usually by email or mobile phone, so that we can contact you quickly.Please let us know your preferred method(s) of communication:

Please Select*
If you would like to hear about other opportunities or events at Eating Distress North East please tick below:*
We will only ever send you information that is relevant to you and/or your organisation and you can opt out at any time. EDNE does not share individual personal information with third parties unless we are following our risk and safeguarding procedures or are required to do so by law. View EDNE’s full Privacy Notice.

Equality and Diversity Monitoring – Private and Confidential

PART A – Personal Information
You do not have to give us this information and it will not affect your access to our services if you choose not to share with us any of the information requested on this form. See Part B for details of why and how Eating Distress North East uses this information.

Would you describe yourself as:*
What is your sexual orientation:*

How would you describe your ethnicity?
Asian or Asian British:

Black or Black British:

Chinese or other ethnic group:

Mixed Heritage:


Do you consider yourself to have a disability or a long-term health condition?*

Please select the box that best describes you:*

PART B –Confidentiality and Privacy

The equality and diversity information which you supply to us may be used to:

  • Ensure that our services are reaching everyone who needs them.
  • Report to funders and bid for new funding to continue our services. Any equality and diversity information is anonymised for the whole service and no individual is named or identified.

Eating Distress North East does not share individual personal information with third parties unless we are following our risk and safeguarding procedures or are required to do so by law.

To see how Eating Distress North East uses your information, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access the information we hold on you, please go to our Privacy Policy

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What you say

Maudsley Course Testimonials

your unerring positivity, your calmness.. your skill, your knowledge and true EMPATHY(!) lifted the darkness and I am sure made everyone feel SO much better. I feel more positive today than I have for ages.

Maudsley Course Testimonials

I would thoroughly recommend this course to other carers wherever they are on their journey of supporting a loved one with and ED. Thank you EDNE.

Maudsley Course Testimonials

The course exceeded my expectations ! ..Excellent practical examples.. Feels empowering to have these tools…


I’ve really appreciated the help I’ve been given at EDNE, I didn’t feel like I was just there as a client who just needed to get to the end of their sessions. I actually felt heard and understood.


I was given permission to feel. Instead of being a person with an eating disorder, I was a person who could feel feelings’


‘It was not just putting a plaster over something, it was about healing it. I can’t describe how it feels to have switched my mindset, after 50 years it is mind-blowing’


..entire process has been incredibly supportive and empathetic, giving me the support I needed to move forwards.


‘I couldn’t have managed without coming here. I genuinely think this place has kept me alive. I have a sense of hope now.’


EDNE was friendly welcoming and flexible


EDNE started me thinking about what resilience is and how I could manage day to day and have strategies’


‘..has given me life-changing help. They’ve helped me overcome the barriers. It’s been about unravelling decades.


The counselling has been a big turning point and the support from EDNE has been amazing.


Eating distress such a secretive thing. This has been the first time I didn’t feel alone with it.


It has literally changed the quality of my life.


The EDNE counsellor’s the only person who has helped me.. the big high walls have come down


Once I got through the door it was easy. They didn’t judge. EDNE helped me to get to be this new person. The old one never looked up and never spoke.


I used to block out feeling with food, it’s not like that now’


The counselling sessions were absolutely amazing and life-changing.


You think you’re the only person in the world. Now I’ve found out I’m not the only one.


I have had time to think. ..started being able to calm myself down and going to bed earlier to relax. I’m managing money and time better and I’m looking after myself. I’ve never done that before.’

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As a small charity, we rely on the amazing generosity of the public to allow us to continue our work. Every donation is noticed and appreciated, and allows us to really make a difference in someone’s life – by helping to provide specialised one to one counselling sessions to people who would otherwise not be able to access them, run our support groups, and provide training so people can spot the signs of eating distress and help others seek the support they need as early as possible. We use Local Giving as our donation platform, and any contribution enables us to continue providing our supportive services for people struggling with anxiety around food

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